Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Review of the Day on Yelp!

We're proud to say we're #1 in Home Services in Aiea on Yelp, the popular review website. We even got "Review of the Day," as counted by popular vote by Yelp Members!  This is the review:
The Key Guy Locksmith

Who buys a car with a broken key? Phillip H. does!!! Haha well actually, I didn't really buy it. I got it as part of a trade so I guess it's not that fail on my part.
Long story short: Phillip: How much does it cost for a new key?Lexus: About a $100Phillip: How about $20 and a hug?Lexus: NoOuch
Ordered a key blank online, and took it to the Key Guy.  The place is located behind Best Buy in Pearl City in that huge lot of establishments. Apparently there's another key guy in the same lot so i got really confused when I went to the wrong guy. I kept telling him that i talked to him, and he kept telling me he didn't. So confusing.
The actual location is on the ground floor. Look for the bright green van and you'll see it. 
Guy, the owner was informative and pretty quick with the cut. I didn't have the car with me, so I couldn't test it out, but he said that if it didn't work, to call him.  I was praying to every god imaginable, especially the god of saving me a trip from town back to pearl city over a car I didn't really care for. 
The total cost was about $30, so i wasn't complaining. 
What really made these guys shine though, was the fact that Guy called me a few hours later to see if I had tried the key out to make sure it worked. I had to throw some offerings to the god of good customer service. 
Overall, if you need any kind of keys cut and you're in the area, go to these guys. They have a yelp discount which makes them even better. 
All hail the god of good deals and customer service!

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