Thursday, October 14, 2010

Heart Warmed

This warm fuzzy story is from yesterday, October 13 2010:

This is truly amazing! I had the car running to cool it down with the AC while strapping my baby girl in to her car seat. When I was done I closed the back door, and suddenly realized that all doors were locked and that my girl was locked in, with all my things including my phone. I ran up to the nearest home where I borrowed the phone to call a locksmith (just happened to be the Key Guy. Within 10 minutes they were there and opened the car for me. My baby was playing with some crayons during this time, do not think she realized at all what happened. I did not even have time to panic!

I am so happy with their response time it is unbelievable.

The locksmith (Shay Shaham) was very professional, and I was ready to pay Shay when he informs me that this is a free service part of their Child Protection initiative (not sure if that is exactly what he called it, but you get the point).

Thx for making my day Key Guy! I hope I do not need a locksmith any more, but if I do I will sure give Key Guy a call.


Thank you to Shay, our locksmith technician, and to Patrick for calling us in his time of need. I hope more people will take advantage of this free community service. (Once, Guy even arrived before the fire truck to unlock a baby in Kaimuki.) And if you've read The Key Guy's company history, you know that we get our name and our logo from locksmiths being a little like modern-day superheroes, stemming from the first time I saw Guy rescue a baby from a stuffy car at Hana'uma Bay.

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