Friday, March 26, 2010

Introducing The KeyDog 24 Hours!

Drumroll, please, for the newest Key Dog 24 Hours On Call!
Perhaps you will be one of the customers lucky enough to meet Spock the Cocker Spaniel puppy! Weighing in at 16 pounds, he is an expert in the locksmith profession of cuting, also known as being cute, better known as distracting the customers whilst putting on a puppy face.

Also provides belly for belly rubs, and gives a good palm-licking to those lucky enough to have him as their Key Dog.

Call today for the chance to experience the best of locksmith key dogs!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Go Florida!

We're glad to see that someone is finally pushing some legislation through to force locksmiths to have licenses...too bad it's in Florida and not Hawaii. As we at The Key Guy have learned recently from personal experience, there are all kinds of whack plumbers and electricians who are *supposed* to have state licenses and who *claim* to have state licenses but don't. They screw over their customers and lie blatantly about being licensed contractors up to the point of being criminals. They do crappy work and cause accidents that unwitting customers have to pay for out of pocket--including frying the wires in entire buildings and causing major floods. But that doesn't mean locksmiths shouldn't have to be licensed, too.

The competition is stiff in the locksmith industry, and work locksmiths do is just as important as an electrician or plumber. It's security, for crying out loud. As it stands, there is no recourse for the hundreds of people we've met who've called scammer locksmiths. And the scammers are running rampant what with their unbelievably low advertised rates and astronomically high actual prices. Not to mention the shoddy work they do that has to be fixed by a real professional. Do I sound bitter? I think I deserve it. At least give legitimate locksmiths a fighting chance, eh?