Thursday, May 13, 2010

You're only a professional contractor if...

Funny thought of the day:

You're only a professional contractor if your butt-crack is clearly visible at all times. If your pants fail to display your butt-crack, you are obviously not a professional!

Look for this (but not too hard!?) next time you call a contractor, locksmith, plumber, electrician, or other repairperson.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

OW! We're growing!

The Key Guy is growing up in an exciting new direction! We don't want to spoil the secret yet, but it has to do with the expansion of our sister company, The Security Center ( in a joint venture with The Key Guy. Hey, the owners are the same....

So watch out! Here comes a bigger, better solution for all your security, access control, and locksmith needs!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Locksmiths've Got Codes...

Fun fringe benefit of being a locksmith: knowing your codes! We've got key codes, zip codes, and area codes down by heart.

Practical applications of this skill? We're fun at trivia parties. And our friends call us when they need to punch the ZIP into the GPS before the street name. And how is your friendly neighborhood locksmith like a cab driver? He can find you based on very little information! Handy to know us when you're locked out of your vehicle at an unidentified address, like a small business, when parked on the street, or a friend's house.

So program The Key Guy 377-4999 into your phone for that special time in your life when maybe, just maybe, you find yourself locked out AND don't know where you are!