Friday, January 15, 2010

Bad Copies

It has come to my attention that too many key duplicates are bad ones. Too often, we get customers complaining that their duplicates from the hardware store don't work when they get home. How do you avoid this? Go to a locksmith! Hardware stores are convenient, but they don't carry a wide selection of specialized key blanks, nor do the personnel have the specialized training of a locksmith.

If you call The Key Guy for a mobile service at your home, ask your locksmith technician if he'll make a few duplicates of your house/car/mailbox key for you. Most single-cut keys are under $5, and the locksmith can just tack it onto your bill, saving you a trip to the store! Plus, you can try out your new duplicate on the spot, just to make sure it works.

And hey, if you need your car key duplicated, call us and find out if it's a transponder key or a laser-cut key (or any other type of high-security key). If it's high security, you either need to go to your car dealer or find an automotive locksmith (hint hint The Key Guy).

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