Thursday, October 29, 2009

ALOA (Associated Locksmiths of America) recently launched, aiming to be the largest locksmith search engine out there.

Consumers can be assured that all locksmiths listed on the ALOA website are members of ALOA, which means they have been in the industry at least two years, they have character references from three industry sources, they were referred by an existing ALOA member, and they underwent FBI background checks, fingerprinting, and they are bonded up to $10,000.

The Key Guy highly recommends only calling locksmiths listed on Using google, yahoo, bing, and other search engines will usually yield lots of "scammer" locksmiths who are not certified, not licensed, and not insured.

It's not hard to find angry consumer reports, news articles, and lawsuits against these falsely marketed locksmiths. They permeate 411 and google with multiple listings at fake addresses, and because they are marketing scam professionals, they push out legitimate locksmiths with only a single (and REAL) listing.

Please make sure your locksmith is an ALOA member, or at the very least, insured and bonded, before you call.

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