Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pick for Pie?

The classic interview response, beauty queen response, and public statement is, "I love my job because I love helping people. It feels so satisfying to be one of the 'good guys.'"

Locksmiths aren't normally thought of as beauty queens or people in the limelight, but it's still nice when a random fat guy in spandex bike shorts and glasses can stop you outside Anna Miller's and ask if you can help him pick a lock.

The nice fat man in bike shorts will explain how he must have lost the keys to his bike lock, and how he will have to somehow bus it all the way back to Kailua from Aiea because he can't use his bike, and how he won't be very awake for his 11 hour shift in the morning.

When you open his lock, he thanks you and buys you a scrumptious Peach Pie from Anna Miller's.

Sweet deal!

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